Deedlink is a student-run volunteering society at UCL. Our aim is to promote an ecosystem of doing good!

1. Cause ecosystem: Students looking for long term volunteering, we work with partner charities to offer termly skills-based volunteering programs to improve your skills and employability. You will receive training, mentoring as well as the opportunity for skills progression.

2. Volunteering ecosystem: If you have never volunteered before, discover easy and fun volunteering with Deedlink. We offer interest-based one-off volunteering opportunities, linking a large network of students to a large network of causes.

3. Cross-sector ecosystem: For those of you who want to change the world, we invite you to envision what a holistic ecosystem of social good looks like. Through our events, we will bring together students, charity leaders, corporate leaders and representatives from municipalities to facilitate discussion on cross-sector collaboration for social change.